About Us

SABIC is a world leader in providing engineering thermoplastic material solutions. In more than 35 countries worldwide, we help redefine the way OEMs design -- from concept to reality..

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What We Do
SABIC supplies advanced materials solutions to meet global customer needs.

SABIC Board of Directors
Our top people bring a wealth of operational skills and strategic knowledge to the development and distribution of engineering thermoplastics.

Our Global Presence
SABIC business operates globally so that your needs can be met locally.

Our Quality Standards
Using Six Sigma, SABIC business manages its entire portfolio of products and services for consistency and commitment to our customers.

Our Integrity
The SABIC Code of Ethics provides the foundation for our business culture and underscores our commitment to performance with integrity.

Our Commitment
Our Environmental, Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S) Policy describes our dedication to safe, efficient operations that minimize negative impacts. SABIC is a global business, with approximately half of our sites located outside the U.S. and European Union. To ensure our tough standards are followed at all locations, we have implemented consistent Programs worldwide.

Sustainability is at the top of SABIC leadership agenda touching every business and operation around the world. At SABIC, we are focused on continuously reducing the intensity of our global operational footprint including reducing carbon intensity, improving energy and water use, and increasing material efficiency. Within the marketplace, we’re making strategic investments and working more closely than ever with customers to develop products and applications that respond to their sustainability needs.

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