LEXAN™ Resin

Polycarbonate resin LEXAN™ amorphous thermoplastic polymer
The Broadest & Most Innovative Polycarbonate Portfolio Available Today

LEXAN polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, characterized by outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties. The LEXAN portfolio provides broad design versatility through its wide range of viscosities and product options such as: environmentally conforming flame retardancy, scratch resistance, toughness, heat resistance, weatherability, biocompatibility, optical quality, and compliance with stringent FDA and USP requirements.

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LEXAN™ resin is available in many special effects, including Intrigue and Diamond. A unique color and look helps you differentiate your products.

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Polycarbonate resin LEXAN™ amorphous thermoplastic polymer


Everyone knows the yo-yo. A toy to some, but the object of seriously intense competitions to many, where contestants fiercely battle it out to be the next world champions. Simple in design and yet a magical, dancing, spinning work of art in the hands of an expert. And thanks to the experts at Duncan Toy Company – "The Original; World's #1" manufacturer – and SABIC Innovative Plastics, that work of art just got amazingly better.


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