GELOY™ XTW Resins - Ready for Your Climate

GELOY XTW acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) resin offers extreme weatherability- it is the most weatherable polymer in SABIC portfolio. It exhibits exceptional durability in outdoor tests. GELOY XTW resin is designed to retain color and physical properties on exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat, greatly extending the performance and aesthetics of outdoor applications. Available in bright white and an extended color palette, including high-chromatics.

Products and Product Data

Color and Aesthetics:

GELOY XTW resin is available in many special effects. A unique color and look helps you differentiate your products.

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Performance Properties

Outdoor Weatherability

Up to 5 times the weatherability and gloss retention of other ASA resins - which themselves are far more weatherable than other resins. Offers exceptional durability in outdoor environments, retaining color and mechanical properties under prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat.

Wide Range of Colors

Unique color ranges among ASA resins, including bright whites, jet blacks, and high chromatics. Colors offer maximum initial appearance plus extended retention of gloss and color under UV exposure.

Mechanical Performance Retention

Retains stiffness and impact strength through application life

Excellent Processing

Designed for excellent extrusion as well as large part injection molding conversion processes

Chemical Resistance

Good chemical resistance

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