VALOX iQ™ Resin

Environmentally Responsible

VALOX iQ™ resin is made using an environmentally responsible PBT resin that uses post- consumer PET feedstock, which gets upcycled via a proprietory process to make iQ-PBT resin. VALOX iQ resin has 50-85% lower carbon footprint engineering thermoplastics, with excellent electrical, chemical resistance, and good aesthetics These resins have virgin properties and fall within the same specification as traditional PBT resins. VALOX iQ Resin also has enhanced processability having about 10-15% higher flow than standard PBT resins.

Products and Product Data

Color and Aesthetics:

The super high flow effects (2X the flow of standard PBT) with VALOX iQ* resin allows for excellent surface aesthetics in unfilled, highly glass or glass/mineral filled systems.


Performance Properties

Excellent Processability

VALOX iQ* resins have about 10-15% higher flow than standard PBT resins by design, which permits a broader processing window.

Electrical Properties

VALOX iQ* resins have CTI (comparative tracking index) as high as 325V, and can be designed for 600V.

Chemical Resistance

The semi-crystalline nature of VALOX iQ* resin imparts good chemical resistance to oils, solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, and most bases.


VALOX iQ* resin can be designed for good weathering performance

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